June 27. beaivi 2022

Cooperation agreement signed

Monday 27.06. Sami University of applied sciences, Hamarøy Municipality, Árran Lule Sámi Center and the National Center for Sámi in Education signed a cooperation agreement which aims to collaborate on the establishment of a Lule Sámi profile school and strengthen the Lule Sámi environment for teaching aids.

- For Sami University of applied sciences and the National Center for Sami in education, it is important to be a champion for strengthening the Lule Sami language and support Hamarøy municipality professionally with the establishment of a Lule Sami profile school. I am glad that we are now strengthening the cooperation and communication with Hamarøy municipality and Árran. Sami University of applied sciences must also be visible in the Lule Sami area. The Lule Sámi children and young people lack Sámi teaching aids and Sámi University of applied sciences has a professional environment that can support the production of teaching aids in this area, says Rector of Sámi University of applied sciences Laila Susanne Vars.

Sami University of applied sciences 's new strategy also emphasizes that Sami University of applied sciences shall have activities throughout Sápmi, and that the college shall prioritize academic tasks in the Lule Sámi area and establish training opportunities there.

- The college is in the process of planning the initiation of both an introductory course in Lule Sámi (SAAL study) and also duodje and teaching aid pedagogy studies with the educational institution at Drag in the Lule Sámi area. Our intention is to recruit many students in this area and strengthen Lule Sámi competence so that many in the future will be able to work as a teachers in Lule Sámi and participate in the development of Lule Sámi teaching aids, says the rector of Sami University of applied sciences.

Sami University of applied sciences shall have close communication with Drag School in accordance with the cooperation agreement. The co-operation agreement was approved unanimously by Hamarøy's municipal council on 16 June.

Here is the collaboration agreement: in Lule Sami and on norwegian. 

Sami University of applied sciences also has a collaboration agreement with Nord University, which you can find here: Northern Sami, norwegian, South Sami and lule sami. 

Sami University of applied sciences strategy 2022-2026 can be found here: northern sami and norwegian