Torkel Rasmussen ved talerstolen.
November 02. beaivi 2015

Journalists gathered on Inclusive Journalism

Inclusive Journalism Seminar at Sámi University College.

Seminar and workshops are held today and tomorrow at Sámi University College, Diehtosiidda, Guovdageaidnu.
Lectures and guests are gathered from Australia, Brazil, Denmark, England, Finland, Kenya, Nederlands, New Zeland, Norway, Sweden and USA. 

More about the seminar here:

Deltagere på Inclusive Journalism seminaret på Samisk høgskole

Inclusive Journalism Seminar at Sámi University College.
Photo: Máhtte Sikku Valio

Bilde av Lia Markelin som foreleser.

Associate Proffessor Lia Markelin. Photo: Máhtte Sikku Valio



Sámi University College

in cooperation with the Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki

and the Inclusive Journalism Initiative Network – Reporting Europe and Asia Pacific

EU-New Zealand EACEA/44/2012