The following provisions are implemented at Sámi University of Applied Sciences until otherwise determined: 


Campus / Diehtosiida

Diehtosiida (SUAS’ campus) will be closed for all students. Students’ key cards will no longer give access. If students have belongings at the campus that they need, they will have until Friday at 15.00 (3 PM) to get them. After that they will have to make individual arrangements by sending an e-mail to the front office (  



All studies will be arranged online, and the students will no longer be physically gathered for teaching. If there are any technical difficulties regarding the online teaching, then teaching should be postponed until the problems have been resolved.


Training / Practice

Those students who are in training/practice can continue the internship if it is possible to do it online and at home office. If it not possible to do this way then the training/practice must be terminated. Students who are in practice can continue the internship if it is possible to do it online o rat home office. If it is not possible to carry out online or home office then the period of practice must be terminated. If the practice period ends, then the coordinator must evaluate whether the practice should be postponed or resolved in another way. 



Exams (other than home exams) that was scheduled in the near future will either be delayed or arranged online. This will be informed to those concerned.