What's up

14. October, 10:30 to 16. October, 13:00

IndigMEC2 Conference

Conference focus: Indigenous curriculum development - Development of Indigenous

Seminar and Workshop
02. November, 09:00 to 03. November, 18:00

Inclusive Journalism

Sámi University College, Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino, Norway, 2-3 November 2015



Sunday 1.11

09.00      Departure to Karasjok

10.30-12.00          Sámi National Museum and Sámi Collection, guided by Margarete Vars

15.00      Return from Karasjok, possibility to visit Sámi handicraft shops in Kautokeino 


Monday 2.11
10.00-10.10          Greeting, Rector Gunvor Guttorm
10.10-10.30          Sámi legal and social status, Dr Nils Johan Päiviö, Sámi University College
10.30-10.50          The media landscape in the Sámi region, Dr Lia Markelin, Sámi University College

10-50-11.10          Pause

11.10-11.30          Sámi media history, Associate Professor Arne Johansen Ijäs
11.30-11.50          Sámi media use, Dr Torkel Rasmussen, Sámi University College

11.50-12.15          Discussion



14.00-14.20       Framing Inclusive Journalism: Between Necessary Idealism and Depressing Realism, Prof. Charlies Husband, Bradford University and Sámi University College

14.20-14.40          Journalism and Shadow Publics, Prof. Verica Rupar, AUT University, Auckland
14.40-15.00          Discussion

15.00-15.15          Pause

15.15-15.45       Maori Broadcasting and Self-Determination, Adjunct Fellow Jane Huria (Ngāi Tahu) and Prof. Donald Matheson, University of Canterbury

15.45-16.05       Internationalization of higher education: the Inclusive Journalism Initiative, Head of International Department Inger Munk and Associate Prof. Inger K. Larsen, Danish School of Media and Journalism, Århus

16.05-16.25       Inclusive Journalism from a pedagogical perspective, Prof. Tom Moring, University of Helsinki and Sámi University College

16.25-17.00       Discussion


18.00      Buffet dinner offered by the Sámi University College

                Dinner speech by the Dean Johan Strömgren


Tuesday 3.11


09.00-09.30       New realism in photography and film, Prof. Tytti Soila, Stockholm University

09.30-09.45       Discussion

10.00-13.00       Two parallel sessions: Indigenous Journalism Master's Programme student presentations in two workshops (the senior participants will serve as discussants) (rooms 02101 and 02102)


14.00-17.00          IJI Article workshop (for the article authors, the Journalism lecture room)
                Guided tour to the Tundra (weather permitting)


18.00      Free evening activities (Pizza party at the Student House)