November 21. beaivi 2023

Apply for spring studies 2024

Now you once again have the opportunity to apply for admission to some of our courses starting in spring 2024.

Where do you apply: Søknadsweb 

Sami Language Introduction Course

SAM-0103 North Sami Language Introduction Course Part 1, application deadline 1.2.2024

SAAL 2ÅAR Introductory South Sami language in practical situation –Part 2, application deadline 29.1.2024 

Continuing education

PED-1002 Introduction to Sámi perspectives on special education, application deadline 4.1.2024


Admission requirements

The general requirement for being admitted as students at Sámi University of Applied Sciences is that you meet the Higher Education Entrance Qualification, which are the the general basis for admission to universities and university colleges in Norway. If you do not meet these general requirements, you might also apply based on real competence. Most studies at Sámi University of Applied Sciences requires a certain level in Sámi language. At some studies there might be other requirements to be admitted as students. You can read more about the differenct requirements on our webpage at each study's own page under Studies.

You can fin more information about how to meet the Higher Education Entrance Qualifications on the Webpage of  Samordna opptak by choosing English language at the top. You can also find more information about how to apply based on real competence on our webpage by clicking Studies and General requirements. 

Upload the nescessary documentation

Remember to upload the nescessar documentatition that shows that you meet the admission requirements for the study as soon as possible after you have registered your application. The documentation must be uploaded to your application at Søknadsweb within the deadlines mentioned above. 

When will you receive your answer?

The answers will be published at Søknadsweb as soon as possible.


If you have any questions regarding your application, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the academic administration by e-mail or phone: +78 78 44 84 00.