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Taking place - Moving borders in Nordic literature

Taking place – Moving borders in Nordic literatures
3rd DINO conference
11-13 September 2014
Sámi University College, Kautokeino, Norway

DINO – Diversity in Nordic Literature – is a network that brings together literary scholars from different disciplines who are interested in Nordic literature. During the last decades, the Nordic countries as well as Nordic literature have gone through essential changes. Due to the increasing globalization and as well as the changing developments in the politics of language and minorities, what were once relatively fixed and definable concepts – such as ‘Finnish’ and ‘Nordic’ literature – have expanded and acquired new meanings. The multicultural and multilingual society, with its changed attitudes, transcends former boundaries and concepts of the self. Points of departures of the scholarly discussion in the network are post colonialism, decolonization, indigenous criticism, queer theory, gender studies, eco-criticism, ethnicity, migrant literature, multiculturalism and language.

At the conference Taking place – Moving borders in Nordic literatures we focus on topics related to indigenous literature, critique concerning national canons, concepts of borders and transgression of borders, themes of place, space and relocation in literature. Even though literature is the main focus of this conference other media that borders to literature, such as film and music, are also of interest, especially if treated as an expression of intermediality.

The conference is organized as collaboration between Sámi University College and Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University. The conference will be located in Kautokeino, Norway, and hosted by Sámi University College. The University College is situated in what is called the capital of the Sámi people, Guovdageaidnu (Kautokeino), and it is one of the few indigenous university colleges in the world. At the conference a venue for writers and scholars to meet will be in organized in cooperation with Sami Writers’ Association.

Conference deadlines:

  • Deadline for registration is extended untill: 30 May 2014. Please register on the conference web page.


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