Withdrawing from studies

Withdrawing from the Sámi University of Applied Sciences?

Have you decided to withdraw from your studies? Let us know!


Are you unsure whether to withdraw or not?

Please contact study adviser to discuss your options. For example, you may be eligible to apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) if you plan to return to Sámi allaskuvla.

If you have an illness, psychosocial problems, financial or practical problems that make the studies difficult to complete, you can contact the study adviser to discuss your situation.


You have already decided to withdraw as a student

You can let us know by filling out this form: English Norwegian Sámi

The filled out form can be sent by email to the Academic Administration or just leave the form in the postbox outside of the Academic Administration reception.

Note that you must apply again if you wish to return as a student at Sámi University of Applied Sciences.




Notice of termination
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Heaitin dieđáhus
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