Individual education plan


What is an progression agreement?
According to Act relating to Universities and University Colleges § 4-2, a progression plan shall be made between the institution and students admitted to courses of 60 credits or more. A progression agreement is an agreement between the educational institution and the student. The progression agreement consists of two parts. The first part describes duties and responsibilities between the student and the institution. The second part describes how the student is going to complete the program. All students who complete courses of 60 credits or more, shall approve their progression agreement. The agreement can be found on Student Web, under registrations. On Student Web the agreement is called Individual education plan 1 and 2.

What is an education plan?
An education plan is made for students admitted to courses of less than 60 credits. An education plan consists only of an individual part, which consists of topics related to the current study. When you approve the education plan, you will be registered for examination on subjects in the plan.

How do I get a progression agreement/an education plan?
Both education plans and progression agreements are made by the Sámi University College. Both are on Student Web. The progression agreement consist of two parts. The first part is a general part and the second part is an individual part. The general part provides information about what a progression agreement is and about which rules apply to you as a student. The individual part consist of the topics that you are completing as part of the study program you have been admitted to.  Courses can have both mandatory and optional parts. Education plans consists only of an individual part. On Student Web this is called Individual education plan 2.

How do I change my individual education plan?
All students must approve their progression agreement/education plan before study entry. This is done on Student Web within specified deadlines. In some cases, the plan may be changed. If you can not complete the study as planned or if you wish to cancel the program, contact the study administration at the Sámi University College.