Living in Kautokeino


Your studentlife isn't just at the university, but also in the whole area of Kautokeino. Here is some info about activities in Kautokeino that you may like to see or be a part of.

Kautokeino or Guovdageaidnu means "in the middle of the road" and has been the heart of Sápmi for ages. Kautokeino is a place where the sami language is to be heard at a daily basis.


Local Offers
In Kautokeino you also find a choir, coffee shop, theater, fast food, stables, film producers and many different associations such as: Dance Association, Kautokeino sport shooting association, Kautokeino hunting and fishing and Sami gamers. There are also opportunities to engage in handicrafts.There are organized sewing courses and it is also possible to sew at Duodjeinstituhtta. Some also have student discounts, such as Thon hotel. There you can also stay overnight, but there are other options as well.

If you want to travel, you can for example use these bus routes to Alta, Karasjok or Enontekio.

SSO has 18 family apartments and 18 smaller apartments/rooms. Any questions about the apartments/rooms, write a mail to: or call: +47 78 44 84 30.

SSO also have a kindergardenoffer to students at SUC. Students children are a priority. Any questions about the kindergarden, write a mail to: or call: +47 78 44 84 30

Duodji has a strong position in Kautokeino and there are several different stores, such as silversmiths Juhl's Silver Gallery, Peter Rust and Kautokeino silversmiths. Duodji shops Čiŋat, Maritex gávpi and Ávži design.
Are you looking for clothes, you can find it at Puls.


For more information about Kautokeino, check out these local web pages


Sports and leisure

There are great opportunities for exploring nature in Kautokeino. We have the Finnmark plateau just outside the door. Explore nature on your own or together with Tuvrrahasat. For your explorings, you can as a student borrow a canoe or boat, lavvo and other outdoor equipment at the college.

In Kautokeino we also have a sports association offering including football, skiing, floorball and handball, so you can play football on one of the largest football fields in Finnmark, ski on daily prepared lighted trails and other trails or teaming with others in the sports hall, Báktehárji! If you are in to snowcross you can join Kautokeino motor club and use their racetrack. If you want to race with something else, there are also different reindeer racing associations.

We also hav a fitness room in Diehtosiida that is available to all students and staff at the Sami University College. There you will find bikes, treadmills and strength training equipment and wardrobes with saunas.


Annual happenings

In the easter there is a lot of activites in Kautokeino. People from different areas of Sápmi and even other countries comes to Kautokeino to experience easter and the Saami easter-festival in the heart of Sápmi. Sami grand prix is a joik and singing contest for Sami people that definitely is something that you will find exciting! Also World cup finals in reindeerracing, ice-fishingcontests, snowmobilerace, theaters and e.e is something you should see while you are in Kautokeino. You can also experience the autumn festival in september, which is a music and food festival. The famous Nilut Cup is held november.