Open Access

Most colleges and universities in Norway store their former students’ bachelor and master theses. These works are considered an important part of the educational institution’s progress and history, and they contribute to sharing of their students’ resources and knowledge between the institutions and scientists. Sámi University of Applied Sciences considers the publication of these works as an important and good opportunity for students to market themselves and their work.

Sámi University of Applied Sciences have decided to use the Open Access system to publish the students’ work. Open Access is a system where one can publish their work, and give the audience access to it free of charge. Publishing through this system means that the scientific publications are published immediately and will be possible to find online at all times. The copyright of the publication stays with the author (student), and the readers will be able to read, copy, download, print, share or link to the text non-commercially.

The research and study board at the Sámi University of Applied Sciences have according to their meeting on the 13th of January 2014, agenda number 1/2014 DOS 3/14, decided that all bachelor and master theses which were graded A, B or C will be published in the open digital archive automatically. The publication is conditioned by the authors’ (students’) written consent. Theses that consists of confidential material that are protected by the Public Access to Information act paragraph 13 and the Public Administration act paragraph 13 will not be publicized. The students’ project and specialization work can be published as well. The latter will be published in writing at the library. This publication is also conditioned by the authors’ (students’) written consent. Only the theses that were graded between A-C will be published due to quality assurance.


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